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mine | austin family photographer

i would be remiss to not share these images that i so joyfully had captured this fall by the amazing diana palmer of yan photography.  we struck up a conversation many many years ago this was our second time to meet up in person.  i have long loved her wedding and family photography and the dreamy feel of her film portfolio.  she came to my house this november and the one thing i think comes across clearly in each image is LOVE.  the way we, as a family of five love each other is something i will have forever captured thanks to these amazing portraits.

i hope the families that trust me with their portraits adore their images as much as i adore these.


dreamer | austin child photographer

she was a sleeping fairy. she tells me every word she wants me to say when she includes me in these imaginings.

right after this i believe my line was to be “oooh look! a beautiful sleeping fairy!” before she awakened and flapped around. sweet dreamer.


tea time | austin lifestyle photographer

my sister, my friend tiffany, and i headed to the four seasons for teddy bear tea with santa this weekend. five little girls between us, we knew we were in for it. the girls were super sweet, we only lost one of them temporarily, though i’m not sure they will let us return after all our shenanigans. i’ll just say we were the table with the least decorum (but this is generally true most places for us, right??) but we probably had the most fun.