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mine | austin lifestyle photographer

i had a bed set up in my office the other day for my cousin who was traveling across country and the girls have now taken to coming in and cuddling in it while i sit at my desk. with the beautiful light that pours through my office in the afternoons i couldn’t help but pull out my camera. i pretty much love everything about these pictures and the truly beautiful subjects.

i look at these and see lily’s compassion. i see annie’s energy. i see eve’s quiet observations. i see sisters. love.


four | austin child photographer

i’m sure it would seem there is a long story to accompany this post but in truth, there is not! eve is a quirky performer at heart and wanted more than anything to sing and dance for people for her birthday. so we headed to south congress, a walking area of town with cute shops and nice people and she put on quite the show! she was joined by her cousins, a teacher, and our sweet friends the wades.

she chose her colorful and fitting attire and had a BLAST. happy fourth birthday, sweet eve!!


risen | austin wedding photographer

this fit my branding and new site so well i couldn’t help but love it (and as i believe this reconcilliation changes EVERYTHING, i absolutely love the truth behind it) go download yours here –