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christmas morning | magic

christmas morning is made of magic right? well the quickest way to make something LESS magical for mom is to hold up a big black box between you & your family, amiright?! so when i stumbled upon a fellow photographer’s blog of christmas morning photos WITH mom in the frame i paused. how exactly was she capturing the best morning of the year without holding her camera?

the short answer? interval timer. seriously, that’s it! interval timer! basically you choose a spot for your camera to sit comfy, safe and out of the way and choose these special settings in the menu that instructs the camera to take a photo on a set interval (ie. every 5 seconds, 20 seconds, etc). amazing, right? and yeah, you’ll get a few funny facial expressions and some might not be the MOST flattering. but you get real christmas morning as it unfolds, with no black box held up to mom’s face. win/win!!

since every camera is different (and not all have this feature) and the steps to follow will differ for every model, my best advice is to head to google and type in your camera make and model + ‘interval timer’.

here are a few of the photos from our christmas morning last year. and yes, i wear christmas pajamas head to toe.